A bio identical therapeutic keto supplement that will support your wellness journey



How would you like to:

  • improve your sleep

  • balance your moods better

  • gain a better focus for concentration 

  • harness the ability to burn fat thereby  resulting in weight loss

  • regulate digestion hormones & metabolism

A keto diet holds all of these benefits. The diet entails low carbohydrates, moderate protein & a high fat intake. It facilitates your body to lower the blood sugar & insulin levels & making it efficient in burning fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. We already produce our own ketones in the liver yet as we increasingly ingest protein & carbs the demand to use it for energy subsides. 

The keto diet is one of the most difficult to be consistent with so discovering a supplement that contains identical substances to those produced by the body is exciting. The Pruvit keto supplement is simply taken in the morning &there is no need to follow the extensive keto diet to reap the benefits.  Sugar cravings will reduce as will the desire for snacks thereby reducing your weight. 

On a personal level from taking the suppleement daily I noticed:

  • that I stopped that afternoon tiredness / yawning.  I am usually an early riser, so by the mid afternoon & after a morning of teaching I could do with a sit down

  • in a week I lost 2kgs

  • & definitely felt more rested when I wake.

Below is a video explaining how ketos work with in the body. 


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