Transform Your Life




Are you looking for lifestyle changes yet not sure where to start? Are you feeling stuck with how your health & wellbeing are playing out?

Imagine discovering the energy you desire.

Imagine having the confidence to make the right health decisions.

This pre done course can be started at any time & at your own pace, giving you the tools to take the steps to make the change. Within this 6 week online coaching course you will receive weekly guidance & support material to make incremental changes for your wellbeing.

What's Included:

  • Weekly workouts, with specific target areas each week

  • Recipe suggestions for nourishment

  • Weekly Meditation related to the topic

  • Each week will contain tasks for you complete to create habit change

  • Support material to ensure you are on the right path to make long term wellbeing changes


  • To be more confident in you welling choices

  • Awareness in your lifestyle habits

  • Clarity in what you need to nourish you, leading to more energy & weight loss

  • Positive change that will have you rediscovering your inner sass


£147.00 for online course access 




When you are always putting others before yourself you will be telling them that you come second.

Isn't it time for you to put yourself on top of your to do list?

Taking greater care of yourself will enable you to be in a better place to support others. 

I want you to be confident to embrace life whole heartedly.

Life can derail us & we lose a lack of acknowledgement of ourselves.  Are you not sure where to start & get back on track?

Are you:​

  • Done with shopping for shoes & handbags because you are done with the lack of enthusiasm as to how you look in the changing room mirrors?

  • Tired of feeling tired all the time & just wish you had more energy to do your job or run after the kids?

  • Fed up with the restrictions in your wardrobe because you are feeling less confident in your body?

  • Thinking I can not commit to a massive amount of time to change​​

Taking time for yourself will be an investment in you that you will appreciate daily, making yourself a better person, partner & parent.


  • Discovering the confidence to give you the life you want.

  • The sass to wear the clothes you want.

  • The awareness to nourish yourself well without overly fancy obscure foods

  • Become aware of your habits now so that it will create a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

  • Discovering those simple changes to your lifestyle that will result in you being fabulous & fit inside & out

What's Included:

  • 1 x hourly weekly sessions for 12 weeks. Either in person or online call

  • Full individualised support & guidance

  • Material support to guide you on your amazing journey

  • Directional change to habits leading to a happier healthier you


£660.00 for the 12 week individulaised coaching & support.

Payment can be made in 3 equal payments.


Afternoon Tea

Healthy High Tea

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Love the ceremony of afternoon? 

Then join one of our workshops, offering a healthy alternative to the sugary cakes along with an informative talk by various amazing disciplines