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Do you ever wonder what happens to fat when you start to lose weight?

Weight loss is no easy task, taking discipline & motivation to stay on track. To put into focus how much effort is required to lose 1lb of fat, 3,500 calories need to burnt!! For example: for a sustained weight loss you would need to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories to lose that 1lb per week, leading to 4lbs a month.

So, as the weight reduces what happens to it? Well, we actually still have the fat.

The calories from carbohydrates & fats are stored in the fat cells, so that we can call on this energy source when we need to. The thing is, if we have an increase amount of calories stored over time this will result in excess fat.

When food enters the body, it will responds to sort out what nutrients it needs to take. The remainder will be stored in the fat cells or excreted. When maintaining a calorie deficit, the body will look to the fat cells for energy, breaking it down to a usable source.

As this occurs bi-products are created in the form of water & carbon dioxide. Water is excreted through sweat & urine & carbon dioxide via the breathe.

The fat cells will then shrink in size (& not number!), which results in the change in body shape.

So, when looking at weight loss there needs a commitment to both nutrition & exercise. Keeping a consistent nutritionally dense quality food intake along with an exercise routine will produce results. Everyone is an individual & there is certainly no one diet that suit all. There are other factors that can influence a person’s weight including quality of sleep, gender, genes or medicines.

It is important to start from where you are & simply take things one step at a time. Often looking too long on the bigger picture will make it appear to daunting. Break everything down into more manageable steps. Find a couple of recipes that are healthy & you enjoy cooking. Start with walking for 15 minutes extra a day & increase distance, time & pace as you get fitter.

Most of all consistency is key.

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